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110% Price Match / 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that we are offering you the best price on new patio furniture.

If you've seen a lower advertised price from another store with the same item in stock or custom made to order, we want to know about it! Bring it to our attention, and we'll gladly beat their price by 10% of the difference. If you see a lower advertised price (including our own sale prices) within 30 days of your purchase, we'll refund 110% of the difference.

Our policy applies only to total advertised prices (Including shipping and tax if applicable). It does not apply to online auctions, special offers or promotions, including rebates, free-with-purchase offers and special financing. We only sell new products, so the comparable product must be new and of first quality. Competitors advertised product price must be the exact same model number and from the same manufacturer and have ALL of the same features and use the same shipping method.

If you find a lower price, then please e-mail us at sales@vippatiofurniture.com.

  • I love my new patio dining set. The quality exceeded our expectations and our purchase is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. This is going to be a great summer. - Marcie J. Palo Alto, CA

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